10 Safety Tips For Operating A Mobile Crane

Operating a mobile crane has many risks involved, and precautions should be taken no matter how much experience you have.

Because we offer premium mobile crane hire Sydney, we prioritise safety and want to spread information about the safe handling of mobile cranes. Of course, anyone operating a crane should have a relevant license, but they should also take the following into account: 

#1 Check The Ground

You should always check the ground before you start using any sort of crane or heavy machinery. Of course, if you are working indoors, it will not matter as much. But wet, slippery or soggy ground could pose a potential danger to the crane operator and other onsite workers.

#2 Overhead Hazards

All cranes, even mobile cranes, can reach great vertical heights, and that is why it is always so important to keep a lookout for potential overhead hazards such as power lines, lamp posts, overhanging roofs etc.

#3 Check The Fuel

Ensure that there is sufficient fuel and that other fluids have also been checked before you begin work.

#4 Watch Out For People

There are often many people walking around a worksite. Keep an eye out for them, as a crane could cause major damage to a person.

#5 Do A Full Inspection

Do a complete inspection and test various aspects of the mobile crane before working with it each day.

#6 Hire From A Trustworthy Company

If you want to avoid any potential problems, ensure that you get your Sydney mobile crane hire from a trustworthy company that keeps its fleet in tip-top condition.

#7 Listen Out For Weird Noises

Strange and unusual noises could be the first indicator that there is some sort of problem, so it’s best you take these seriously.

#8 Don’t Override The Computer

In the majority of cases, it is better never to override the mobile crane’s computer as you could mess with the settings.

#9 Don’t Get Distracted

Just like you were driving a car, ensure that you remain focused at all times and don’t text or play games on your cell phone when operating a crane.

#10 Understand The Maximum Load Capacities

Many accidents happen when crane operators overload the crane. Ensure the loads that the mobile crane is carrying is under its max capacity.

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