Is Small Mobile Crane Hire Better Than Purchasing?

If you are currently part of any construction or major renovation project, the chances are that a small mobile crane would greatly benefit your project, as you’d be able to reach greater heights and move heavy objects. Mobile cranes are incredibly useful as they can be moved from site to site with ease.

But when any team is ever in need of a crane, there is a decision to hire a crane or purchase one. While this will depend entirely on your budget and long term needs, there are many advantages to small mobile crane hire.

Advantages Of Small Mobile Crane Over Purchasing

Some of the advantages of small mobile crane hire include:

#1 Spend Less Money

Even if you need to make use of small crane hire services regularly, it will be a long time before the hire fees add up to the upfront cost of a crane. Cranes, even small ones, are incredibly expensive and would be a massive upfront cost for your business.

#2 Insurance Costs Covered

Buying your own piece of machinery means that you’ll have to pay insurance on it, which can add up to quite a remarkable sum. Hiring means that you cut out small crane insurance costs.

#3 Use Other Equipment For Other Construction Projects

Buying a crane outright may eat up your budget for buying or even hiring other forms of equipment, which may leave you having to use your newly bought crane for things it perhaps wasn’t intended for. On the other hand, hiring per project allows you to hire whatever equipment is ideal for the current project.

#4 No Need To Find Storage Solutions

Even small cranes require a lot of space when it comes to storage, and unless you have extra space at your warehouse, storage costs can be quite expensive and may not be worth it over periods in which you do not use your small mobile crane very often. When hiring a crane, the crane hire company will take care of the storage, and you can just drop it back with them when you’re done.

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