Mobile Tower Crane Features That Make Them So Popular

There are many reasons as to why mobile tower crane hire services are so popular when it comes to renovation and construction projects around the world. Mobile tower cranes offer a long list of convenient features that make them sought after by project managers and building companies alike. In this article, we’ll have a look at some of mobile tower cranes’ most outstanding features, and what you can expect when hiring one.

Fast Setup

In the construction industry, as in many industries, time is money. So the fact that mobile tower cranes can be set up in roughly 20 minutes by just one person is certainly a point in their favour.

Easy Operation

The operational costs of the crane are reduced as only one man is required to operate the mobile tower crane, and the operation is very easy and straightforward.

Great For Small Sites

Mobile tower cranes are commonly used in urban environments as their compact size is ideal for small sites where there is not a lot of space available for large lifting equipment.

Easy Relocation

As setup is so quick and convenient, it is not a hassle to relocate the crane to different areas of the site. This, in turn, results in an improvement in productivity.


Safety is certainly something that any project manager would want to prioritise. Mobile tower cranes offer additional safety features because of their automatic setup, smaller size, increased operator visibility, and more.

Flexible Applications

While mobile tower cranes are ideal for inner city construction projects, they are also perfect for a wide range of other applications, such as solar panel installation and maintenance work.

Environmentally Friendly

A mobile tower crane is often the more sustainable choice as the crane produces lower emissions, resulting in better air quality onsite. The crane also produces very little noise and less resources are needed for transporting and operating the crane.

Alternative Solution To Static Tower Cranes

Mobile tower cranes provide a viable and affordable solution to static tower cranes. Just ensure that you check that load capacities suit your project’s specific needs.

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