Points of Consideration When Hiring a Crane Truck in Sydney

Do you have an upcoming construction or civil works project that you are considering hiring a crane truck for? Crane trucks can really assist in bringing efficiency to your project and help with a variety of tasks on the construction site. You have many options available to you when it comes to crane truck hire in Sydney, but here are a few things that you should consider.

Why a Crane Truck? 

Crane trucks have become a very popular feature on construction sites around the world. This is because of the mobility they offer as well as their durability, strength, and ability to move to and from different points on construction sites easily and efficiently.

What You’ll Need to Know About Your Project

Before speaking to a crane truck hire company in Sydney, there are a few things that you should know about your project so that the experts can help you make the right choice!

  • The terrain- While most heavy duty crane trucks can handle almost any type of terrain, it is best to know what type of terrain you’re dealing with so that the crane truck you decide to hire is properly stabilised for the job.
  • The heights you’ll need to reach- The crane height differs from crane truck to crane truck, so ensure that you have a good idea of the height needs of your next project before deciding on a crane truck. You should also consider the obstacles you may need to face when navigating your construction site. If your crane truck is too tall, you may struggle.
  • The load- There are many different crane trucks out there, all with different weight capabilities. Some can lift very heavy loads, and some can only lift relatively light loads.
  • Health and safety- Crane trucks, just like any other large piece of equipment, can be dangerous, and health and safety need to be taken into consideration. Anyone driving the crane truck needs to have the relevant qualifications.

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