Portable Crane vs Static Crane: Which Is Better For My Project?

When choosing a crane to hire for your next construction project, one of the most important decisions that you’ll need to make will be deciding between a portable crane hire or a static/ fixed crane hire. There is no hard and fast way to determine which would better suit your needs, but by better informing yourself about both options, you’re more likely to make the right decision.

What Are Portable Cranes?

Portable cranes are also known as mobile cranes. Portable cranes can be transported as fully functioning cranes. They are not restricted to a fixed place, and they are very popular for a wide range of different applications. Certain portable cranes offer to pick and carry functions where they can pick up loads and then carry them to different locations.

What Are Static Cranes?

Static cranes are also known as fixed cranes. Static cranes need to be erected at the construction site and once they are in place, it is very difficult to move them, thus making them a semi-permanent structure. They are often larger and able to handle heavier loads than portable cranes.

The Different Types Of Static Cranes

The different types of static cranes include:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Tower cranes
  • Self-erecting cranes
  • Level-luffing cranes

The Different Types Of Portable Cranes

Some of the different types of crawling cranes include:

  • Crawling cranes
  • Rough terrain cranes
  • Truck-mounted cranes
  • Carry-deck cranes

When Static Cranes Are A Good Choice 

Static cranes are often necessary for projects in which great vertical heights need to be reached, such as large construction projects for apartments. Static cranes can also handle heavier loads than portable cranes.

When Portable Cranes Are A Good Choice

Portable cranes are a fantastic choice for projects that require ‘pick and carry’ applications, for sites with rough terrain, and for when you need to gain access to small areas. While these cranes may not offer you as much height access as static cranes, they can lift impressively large loads, and are very convenient for a wide range of applications.

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