Safety Factors to Consider When Operating a Crane Truck

Are you a project manager or a crane operator? Whether you have a crane truck of your own or you’re looking for a reliable


One of the biggest mistakes made in the industry is allowing crane operators to operate a crane truck without having been provided with the proper training. There are many different training courses and certifications involved with crane trucks, and operators should have a high-risk worker’s license at the very least. Each crane truck is different, so having the right training makes sure that you know exactly how it works before leaving the premises with it.


Before working on a project, the site should be cleared of any obstructions that could pose a danger, or that could be trampled by the crane truck. This includes labourers. Crane trucks are exceptionally large and heavy pieces of access hire equipment, so labourers should be made aware of them and informed to look out for them and stay out of their way.

The ground should also be firm enough to take the heavy load of the crane truck without it sinking etc.

Another thing you need to look out for is overhead power lines and other overhead obstructions.

The latest crane trucks come with computer-aided technology, which allows a smaller room for error. This new technology can be confusing when using it for the first time, so it is important that operators have been fully trained with this new technology.

Mechanical breakdowns and issues in crane trucks can cause huge problems as well as delays to the schedule. Ensure that your crane truck is always properly maintained and that, if you are hiring a crane truck, that you do some from a reputable crane truck hire company.

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