The 4 Main Stages Of Civil Works Construction Projects In Australia
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The 4 Main Stages Of Civil Works Construction Projects In Australia

While each construction project is slightly different and depends on many different variables, you can still expect most civil works construction projects in Australia to go through four main stages to reach completion. Knowing about these different stages can help you know what to expect and what is coming next.

Here is some key information regarding each of these stages.


The concept or ‘early planning’ stage is where all the planning and preparation work is done. It also often involves taking a closer look at the project’s financial viability. If the project is a very large-scale one, then an in-depth feasibility study may need to take place, where the potential of the project will be closely examined. Environmental impact studies also take place during this stage. Unfortunately, certain projects never make it past this stage as they turn out not feasible or have too big of an environmental impact.


The design stage often involves working alongside architects and engineers to create in-depth and precise designs for the proposed projects. Before detailed plans commence, sketch plans that define the project scope will have to be submitted to local councils for approval.


This is where the tender process usually takes place, and contractors may be invited to tender for the contract at hand. A contractor is chosen and a detailed contract is drawn up. Pre-construction is all about drawing up contracts and deciding who is fit to handle the job.


There are a lot of site works that need to take place before the ‘real’ construction can begin. This usually includes tasks such as clearing, grubbing and demolition, carried out by the contractor or an appointed sub-contractor. Once a foundation is established, the project can be reported as ‘construction commenced’. The construction stage can take months and even years to complete. Once it is finished, the handover to the client takes place.

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