The Four Most Common Types of Crane Trucks

Crane trucks are commonplace on most construction sites in Australia. They are strong, sturdy and offer crane mobility, which allows a large range of materials to be moved around sites. The term ‘crane trucks’ refers to vehicles that have the ability to lift heavy objects and transport them through the use of a crane. That being said, there are many different types of crane trucks available.

As specialists in crane truck hire in Sydney, we thought we’d shed some light on the four most common types of crane trucks and the types that you’re most likely to see on construction sites. These include:

Rough Terrain

Many construction sites are made of rough terrain and off-road routes. Rough terrain cranes are specifically designed for these types of conditions as they are built with large, sturdy, industrial tyres and other industrial features that make them safe for rough terrain. This type of crane truck is ideal for transporting heavy materials on construction sites and are also used in industrial maintenance projects.

All Terrain

An all-terrain crane truck will allow you to transport materials across mud paths, highways and backroads, hence the name all terrain. These crane trucks are known for their advanced suspension systems that allow you to transport goods securely no matter the terrain.

Truck Mounted

It would appear that all crane trucks are truck-mounted, but that is not the case. Truck-mounted cranes are known for their hydraulic boom and rubber wheels. It’s very easy to move from location to location in this type of crane truck, although it is also very popular when it comes to stationary jobs.

Knuckle boom

Knuckle boom crane trucks are exceptionally popular as they offer the user a high level of flexibility and precision. Picking up goods and moving them is very easy, and it has the ability to fold down to a smaller size should you набор ножей купить be working on a smaller task.

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