The Uses of Carry Deck Cranes & Why They’re So Popular

Carry deck cranes are exceptionally popular pieces of equipment, and there are always people looking for carry deck cranes for sale. Carry deck cranes are very commonly seen on construction, maintenance and renovation sites.

Carry deck cranes fall into the pick-and-carry crane category and have four wheels with a 360-degree rotating boom, making them exceptionally versatile. These types of cranes are small and compact compared to other cranes, which leads to many people overlooking them and underestimating them, but it is actually their small size that is their greatest advantage!

Advantages of Carry Deck Cranes

Their size and shape allow them to maneuver into hard-to-reach places easily.
Mechanical controls allow for accurate movements.
Different features and accessories can be added for a particular function.
Relatively affordable.
Easy to store because of their compact nature.
Allow for a wide variety of uses.
Simple maintenance.
Despite their small stature, some carry deck cranes are able to hoist materials that weigh as much as 15 tons.

Uses of Carry Deck Cranes

Because of the pick and carry crane’s smaller size, there are a wide variety of applications that these cranes can be used for, including:

The delivery of supplies to hard-to-reach places
Transportation of materials
Moving things around a job site

Each job site will have very unique and specific uses for their carry deck crane, and you’re likely to find more and more uses for your carry deck crane as time goes on.

What Industries Make Use Of Cary Deck Cranes?

Carry Deck Cranes are used by many different industries but are probably most common in the construction and steelworks industries as these cranes offer convenient solutions to the type of work done in construction and steelworks.

Invest In A Carry Deck Crane

A carry deck crane is definitely a great investment for those in the construction industry. It will be a welcome piece of machinery at any job site as it can do the work of multiple other machines, and your employees should definitely be glad to see it.

Looking for a carry deck crane for sale? You’ll be impressed by the options available to you in Top Gun Cranes’ fleet. Contact us today to find the ideal carry deck crane to suit your needs