Things to Consider When Purchasing Car and Truck Lifts

When performing maintenance and repair work on vehicles, auto lifts are required to get the vehicle off the ground so that different parts of the vehicle can be safely accessed. Car and truck lifts are a common sight in most garages and workshops around the world.

If you are looking to invest in a car and truck lift of your own, here are a few things that you should take into consideration.

Weight Capabilities

The main difference between car lifts and truck lifts is the weight that they are able to hold. Of course, lifts that are designed for trucks will have much higher weight capabilities than those that are designed specifically for cars. It is very important that you never overload your car or truck lift.


There is not just one type of vehicle lift. There are a handful of different types to choose from, including:

  • Scissor lift- an affordable and easy to use option but does not give you access to the undercarriage.
  • Two post lift- A very popular option in many workshops around the world. Makes use of two posts.
  • Four post lift- Similar in function to two post lift but offers more functionality and practicality.
  • In-ground lift- These lifts descend all the way to the floor, which frees up valuable floor space when not in use.
  • Drive-on parallelogram lift- Like the name suggests, you drive onto these lifts, and they lift by using a scissor lift type motion.


When purchasing a car or truck lift, you should really go for a brand that has a reputable reputation in the industry. You also have to make the decision of whether you want to buy new or secondhand. Both have pros and cons, so you’ll have to weigh up your options and decide what is best for your budget, goals, and needs.

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