What You Need to Know About Crane Trucks

Are you considering purchasing or hiring a crane truck for an upcoming construction project? If so, there are a few key things that you should know about this type of crane system. Crane trucks can be found on construction sites all over the world, and add incredible value to a wide variety of different projects.

As a company that specialises in crane truck hire in Sydney, we have learnt a great deal about crane trucks along the way.

Used For Construction

There are a variety of different types of crane trucks available, but what they all have in common is that they are essential lifting machines that are used in the construction industry. They are used to lift heavy loads and move them around the construction site as need be.


The other thing that all crane trucks have in common is mobility. No matter the size, all crane trucks have the ability to be moved at ease as they are attached to some sort of vehicle (usually a truck).

Many Benefits

  • Move A Variety Of Objects

The reason for crane trucks being so popular is some of the incredible benefits that they offer, which include being able to move very large, heavy, and awkwardly shaped materials.

  • Move In All Directions

Movement can be both vertical and horizontal, and because of the vehicle, you can also move to different locations.

  • Durable Machines

Crane trucks are also known to be stable, powerful, and durable and are able to lift on a wide variety of terrains.

  • Trustworthy Hydraulic Systems

Crane trucks are also known for their trustworthy hydraulic systems, which assist with getting the lift that is needed. The loads that they’re able to lift are definitely impressive.

Your Average Crane Truck Will Consist Of

  • Counterweight
  • Boom
  • Jib
  • Outriggers
  • 2 gear pump
  • Load moment indicator
  • Rotex gear
  • Truck base

What sets crane trucks apart is their mobility, innovative design, and their ease of use. In addition, they are straightforward to operate, and modern crane trucks come with an array of impressive safety features.

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