What You Need to Know About Operating A Crane Truck in Extreme Weather Conditions

Australia is known to experience extreme weather conditions throughout the year, including extreme heat, torrential rain, and even wildfires. These weather conditions can have a negative impact on a variety of industries, including crane operation.

As experts in crane truck hire services, we ask that our clients, and other crane operators, prioritise their safety…especially when it comes to weather conditions.

Extreme Summer Heat 

As we all know, Australia can experience exceptionally high temperatures in the summer months. During these conditions, crane operators should regularly check the crane fluids and thoroughly inspect all seals and pipes for signs of expansion. Crane truck operators should ensure that they take care of their personal wellbeing by consuming enough liquids and cover-up from the sun.


The main thing you need to worry about when it comes to rain is the ground conditions as well as the visibility. You don’t want to be operating a crane truck on wet, slippery ground, and you want to be able to make sure that you can see what you’re doing. While operating in the rain is still very possible, you may want to take a break if the rain becomes too heavy.

Strong Winds

Each and every crane will have a maximum wind speed that has been set in place by the manufacturer. But this limit is simply a guide, and the crane truck operator will have to use their own discretion when it comes to deciding whether to operate in heavy winds. It is not just the wind speed that needs to be considered, but also the pressure of the current as well as the gusts.

Thunder & Lightening

Thunder and lightning should be your signal to stop operating immediately. Any crane truck hire company will tell you that. This is because cranes are high vertical points for lightning to strike and could cause electrocutions and power failures.

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