When to Use a Pick and Carry Crane

Just like with any other form of equipment, it’s important that you choose the right crane for the job. In recent years, pick and carry cranes have become very popular, mostly for their ability to get into small, hard-to-reach places. Is a pick and carry crane the right choice for your next project?

Ideal for Small Job Sites

If your job site is small with low overhangs and tight corners, a pick and carry crane could be ideal because of its small stature. These types of cranes can also be used for indoor applications because they are quite light. They are often used in warehouses, manufacturing sites, and clean rooms, as well as standard construction sites. So whether your project is big or small, these cranes can definitely add value!

Moving Materials From Point to Point

Because this crane is mobile, it is a great choice if you’re wanting to move materials from point to point. With this type of crane, you are able to load, unload, and transport materials. Even though they are small, they can carry an impressive load!

Easy to Use

Because of their small stature and modern design, pick and carry cranes are very easy to use. There is no assembly required, and driving and operating them is quite straightforward. Even though they are easy to use, precautions should still be taken when driving these cranes.


Although these cranes have many benefits and very few drawbacks, they still come with their limitations, which include:

  • Limited capacity- Because of their small stature, they cannot lift as much as larger cranes, and they are not the ideal choice for projects that require massive loads to be carried. But for small to medium loads, this crane really is the ideal choice.
  • Limited reach- Pick and carry cranes come with rather short booms when compared to their larger counterparts. This means that their reach can be limited. If you have a tall project that requires maximum reach, this may not be the crane for you.

If these limitations aren’t detrimental to your project, then they can definitely be a strong choice as they offer many other advantages for your job site.

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